Construction Update

Week of August 18, 2014

Environmental Center Complex
Construction of the Barn buildings in the Pasture Area is ongoing and will continue through the week. The hawk display cages are underway and are scheduled to be completed by mid-August. The interior work in the Classroom Building continues with ceiling and floor tile work. The Environmental Center classroom will be complete and available for use when classes begin for the Fall 2014 semester. The foundation for the new farm house will continue this week. We are awaiting the permit to begin construction on the new building.

Alumni Hall
The foundation work for the building is expected to begin this week. You can expect to see the modular boxes on campus in the Fall. Production on the modular units is scheduled to begin shortly.

Kessel Student Center
The necessary summer work in order to open the building for the Fall 2014 semester is progressing on schedule. The fire protection system for the building is complete. The painters have primed all the walls and have sustainably completed painting; this work will continue through the week. The mirrors, counters and bathroom partitions are being installed in the bathrooms this week. The ceiling grid is complete and the ceiling tiles are being installed. The kitchen tile patch work has been completed and kitchen equipment has been moved into place. The remaining new floor tile work from the lower level bathroom to the servery area is ongoing and will continue through the week. The work on the foundation for the expansion is ongoing and will continue this week. The steel for the mezzanine level will begin to be set into place starting this week and will continue for the next few weeks. The building inspection to reopen the building will be scheduled within the next two weeks. We are not anticipating any issues with the building inspector. The summer construction work is on schedule.

Site Work
We are pressing hard to have all our site work complete this week. At which point the circulation on campus will shift. There is a significant amount of paving work and concreate pouring of sidewalks scheduled for the week. This paving work will cause delays getting around campus due to partial road closures. The contractors will maintain one active lane of traffic in these areas at all times and will have flag persons positioned to ensure safe passage.

The underground utility work that goes under the roadway in front of Paton House is complete, but some final connections of new to existing power are needed. In order for this to occur, there will need to be a power shutdown of Paton house. We will communicate to the occupants of the building when, before it occurs. The grading work for the road has begun and is being prepped for paving. The roadway and sidewalk in front of Paton House will be open for vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the start of the Fall 2014 semester. The telecommunication underground utility work located under the roadway adjacent to Paton House leading up to the Administration Building and the road that leads up to the Townhouses has been completed and these areas will be patched up with asphalt this week. Concrete pouring for the curbs and sidewalks along the front and side of the Goldstein Fitness Center will continue this week. The concreate work on the new stairs and pathway leading to the Kessel Student Center will continue this week and will be complete by August 30, 2014. The work outside the north-east corner of Choate house will continue this week. Access to the main front door and the side door located across from the Goldstein Fitness Center will be maintained at all times. The small access door located in the front of the building on the ground floor will be closed while new sidewalks are put into place. This work is expected to be complete by the end of the week. The new parking area behind North Hall is scheduled to be complete by the end of the week along with a new stream in front of the building. The new roadway and parking lot adjacent to Choate House is on schedule to open in September. They have been working on the new underground utilities in that area and have begun backfilling the east end of the new parking area. The shift and relocation of the light poles along Shirley Beth’s Way has begun and will continue this week, along with the shift to the Shirley Beth’s Way roadway. Shirley Beth’s Way roadway and the Choate Circle will begin being dug up and re-graded for paving. All asphalt work around campus will begin this week starting on Tuesday. In conjunction with the asphalt work, you will start to see construction fence modifications and relocations. By the end of August 2014, the construction zone will be isolated to the center of campus, the lot adjacent to Choate, and the fields, as we continue with work on Alumni Hall, the expansion of Kessel, and the Athletics fields.

Choate Pond
The dredging and ecological restoration of Choate Pond is substantially complete. The reshaping of the pond has been completed and the stabilization of the pond shelves has begun. A partial road closure will be needed on Saturday at Miller circle to complete the work at the pond; the contractors will maintain one active lane of traffic in this area at all times. Flag persons will be positioned as needed to ensure safe passage at all times. For safety precautions, Shirley Beth's Way has been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic until Monday, August 25, 2014. Construction and Emergency Response Vehicles will have exclusive access to this road. Pedestrians on the south portion of campus will need to walk behind Miller and Lienhard to access the upper campus. Shirley Beth's Way will be restored and will reopen on August 25, 2014.

Tree removal at the site will begin this week. The site plan amendment to reflect recent changes to the design of the Athletics Field House and Fields has been submitted. A vote on our site plan amendment resolution is scheduled for August 18th. We anticipate filing our building permits for the fields in September and hope to begin work mid-September.

All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.

Construction Logistics Plan (pdf - updated 8/15/14)