Construction Update

Week of Dec. 15, 2014

Environmental Center Complex
The mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is underway in the new farmhouse. The building is expected to be complete by years end. As a reminder, the contractors working on the new farmhouse will need to use the road leading up to the Administration building as their main entrance to the site.

Alumni Hall
Exciting news for Alumni Hall! The first modular box for Alumni Hall arrived on campus this week! This first box will act as a test box to test out the logistics and the safety of the delivery of the modular boxes to campus. The large crane that is used to erect the modular units will also arrive on campus this week. As a reminder, there will be about 6 modular units delivered a day on campus throughout a 14 week period. Approximately 4-6 units will be assembled a day. The units will all be stored behind the construction fence to minimize the impact to the campus. The large crane that will be approximately 120 feet tall is expected to be on campus through the middle of February.

Kessel Student Center
The exciting news for Kessel is that the expansion of the building is weather tight. The permanent roof is expected to be complete by early next week. The installation of the frame for the large glass wall that will overlook and face the pond is complete. The installation of the glass for the wall has begun and will continue through the end of next week. As exterior finishes (stone masonry, metal cladding, etc.) continue, the focus turns toward completing work inside of the building. This work will include, but is not limited to, finishing the rough MEP work on the second level by the end of the week, begin installing the drywall on the second floor, millwork, HVAC finishes, ceiling grids and tiles, painting and floor prep. Asbestos abatement and replacement of portions of the roof on the existing Kessel structure has commenced, and will continue through the week. Abatement will take place over night and the work on replacing the roof will take place during the day. As a reminder, the abatement will be contained to the outside of the building. The asbestos that will be abated is considered non-friable materials and pose no health threat to those occupying the building. There will be a 3rd party environmental firm monitoring the air quality around the abatement.

Site Work
The guardrails that are to be installed along the football side of the new Choate Parking Lot is expected to be delivered this week. Once they have been installed the parking lot will be open for use. This lot will open up approximately 40 new spaces in the center of campus. Once the parking lot is open, you will see a fence located between the new Choate parking lot and Choate House while they work on creating a new staircase that will connect Choate House to a new pedestrian pathway. The remaining fencing that was around the parking lot will be moved to the northern part of Choate Circle and around the grass island in front of the Goldstein Fitness Center. The fence relocation has started and the remaining fence installation will begin this week. There are necessary changes to Choate circle and the front of the Goldstein Fitness center that are necessary for better traffic flow. That work is currently scheduled to take place over the holiday break.

Choate Pond
The installation of the new culvert structure on the northern end of the pond has begun and will continue through the next few weeks. The culvert installation is the first step in creating the pathway bridge over the incoming stream that fills the pond; the new bridge will be located between Mortola Library and the Kessel Student Center. A temporary walkway shall be in place for the interim construction period, for use by the PACE community while construction of this feature is completed.

The baseball field work has begun and will continue through December 31, 2014. The hauling operations to transport the fill between the baseball field and the new location of the softball field is substantially complete. The trucks will run only when necessary. The dedicated route on campus that has been established for the trucks will be maintained. This route has required a section of Parking Lot F (the lot behind Miller and Lienhard Halls) to be taken offline, along with the roadway on the west side of campus which is used to exit the campus. This is the roadway that circulates through parking lots D and C and follows behind Costello and Dyson Hall to entrance 1. This will require changes to entrance 1 and 2. The road leading to entrance 2 from entrance 1 will become a two-way street, so vehicles leaving the west side of campus from Miller and Lienhard can make a left hand turn onto Route 117. Please see the attached athletics logistics plan that highlights these changes.

The foundation for the Field House will begin once the permit is received. All of the new athletic facilities are on schedule for completion for the fall 2015 semester with the baseball and multi-purpose field coming online in February.

All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.

Construction Logistics Plan (pdf - updated 12/08/14)

Hauling Plan (pdf - updated 12/08/14)