Construction Update

Week of Oct. 25, 2014

Environmental Center Complex
The weather continued to impact the schedule at the Environmental Center Complex. The installation of the culvert structure that is intended to help with storm water management was completed at the end of the week. The last section of work that is needed to receive our temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) is the installation of fence around the retaining wall leading to the animal buildings. This work will occur on Saturday, October 25th. We expect to receive our TCO for the animal buildings this week. We are very excited about this component of project and eager to showcase the new complex. This is an image of the new hawk display cages. As a reminder, the contractors working on the new farmhouse will need to use the road leading up to the Administration building as their main entrance to the site. The building is expected to be complete by years end.

Alumni Hall
The foundation work for the East Wing of the building will continue through the next few weeks. Underground mechanical, electric, and plumbing (MEP) work in the North Wing of the building has begun and will continue through the week. Once the MEP work is complete, the slab on grade can be poured in the North Wing. Backfill around the West Wing will begin early next week followed by the North Wing the following week. Production on the modular units is underway. You can expect to see the modular boxes on campus in late November.

Kessel Student Center
The expansion of the Kessel Student Center is underway and is on schedule to be completed in January. The steel for the roof expansion will begin to be set into place starting early this week. The framing of the interior walls has begun and will continue through the week. The rough mechanical, electric and plumbing (MEP) work and the in-wall MEP work has begun and will continue through this week and will continue through the next few weeks. The installation of storefronts and soffits has begun and will continue through this week.

Site Work
During the course of the expansion of Choate Lot, we have encountered many unexpected situations, which has caused a delay in the opening of the parking lot. Specifically, we found utilities in locations that were not identified in our drawings. Due to the bad weather this week and the discovery of another unexpected issue, the final grading of the parking area has been put on hold until the issue is resolved. Once we have more information on this, we will communicate it to you. The installation of the sidewalks in front of Paton Hall on the on the east side of the building will continue this week and next week.

Choate Pond
The draft hydrant has been installed and the pond is filling up! A new culvert structure that was to be installed on the northern end of the pond has been postponed. This area needs to be reviewed. Once we have more information on this we will let you know. This work will cause a slight shift in the pedestrian pathway between the Mortola Library and the Kessel Student Center. Since the pond is fed by mostly subsurface streams, it will refill naturally after several rain events.

The athletics construction team will begin mobilization on Monday October 27th. The work on the athletic fields is expected to begin the following week. Work on the baseball field is scheduled first followed by the multi-purpose field. The baseball field work is expected to have around 400 truck trips of fill between the new location of the softball field and the baseball field. We are working closely on logistic plans for this work and we will share with you once it is complete. The foundation for the Field House will begin once the permits are received. All of the new athletic facilities are on schedule for completion for the fall 2015 semester.

All work is weather dependent, we will promptly notify the community of any changes.

Construction Logistics Plan (pdf - updated Oct. 2014)